Clinic Space for Rent

Office Location Type of Office Rental Type Cost Contact Name Phone Office Amenities
Rechov Shaulson 43, Har Nof Machsan Hourly and Weekly 40 shekels an hour (negotiable)Elan Karten054-937-4166 Located opposite a shopping center in Har Nof, access to bathroom, yichud friendly
Prime location in Jerusalem (off of Hanevim st)Office SpaceHourly50nis an hourEytan CorenWhatsapp, 058 662 2545Minutes walk to public transportation. Quiet, scenic, lots of light. Coffee and tea station. Parking available. Receipt includes vat.
Druyanov 5, Tel Aviv (right between kikar dizengoff and bograshov beach, in the heart of tel aviv)Shared clinic space for private therapists and wellness practitioners, serving the international population of TLV (main language of operation is English for paperwork and practitioner communication)Hourly / shifts (4 blocks available per day)As low as 22 shekel per hour, depending on quantity of hours/shifts purchased Adee Benartzy050-678-6493 - Whatsapp5 clinic rooms (fit for individual therapy, group therapy, body work, or expressive arts), each with large windows and an expansive city view. Welcoming reception space, with refreshments for guests. Serving international community. Marketing on website/social media. Community with other practitioners in the shared space. Central location. English as the main language of operation for paperwork/communication.
Ramat Beit Shemesh - Dolev 46Private ClinicHourly, half days, monthly40 shekels per hourLori Esses0526553400spacious, comfortable seating, bathroom, heat/AC, private entrance
33 Pierre Koenig, Talpiot, JerusalemPrivate Assessment/Therapy Center1/3 day, Half day, Monthly400-700 NIS for weekly session. 4000 NIS monthly for your own room Alexandra02-643-53604 clinic rooms. Well Appointed and comfortably furnished. Each with table for assessments. Fit for individual assessments and/or therapy or group therapy. Waiting area with Coffee/Tee. Central location. Easily accessible for private & public transportation. Across from Hadar Mall, Wi-Fi, Option to rent PsychTech assessment tools at discounted prices. Conference room for workshops up to 18 participants.
Charlap 24, JerusalemPrivate ClinicFull room2400/monthAmi Silver0586457037Private entrance, newly renovated space in great location and close to public transportation. Air conditioning, wifi, waiting room, kitchenette and bathroom. Option to sublet hours to other clinicians as well.
Charlap 24, JerusalemPrivate ClinicBlocks of hours (min. 4 per week), evenings and full days Sundays and FridaysBased on amount of hoursAmi Silver0586457037Private entrance, newly renovated space in great location and close to public transportation. Air conditioning, wifi, waiting room, kitchenette and bathroom.
Ahuza 127, Ra'ananaPrivate Therapy CentreHourly/Limited sessions available.70 shekels an hourLeah Prejserowicz052-577-47484 therapy rooms, suitable for talk therapy, coaching, parenting sessions, and one room set up for play therapy. There is a waiting room, kitchenette and bathrooms. Great vibe, internet provided and central location, close to public transportation.
Yisrael Eldad 6, Arnona, Jerusalem Private apartment hourly, half days, full days, monthly Per blocks of time, paid monthly, starting at ₪50 for 1 session/monthTalya Roth050-7939719Sound machine, coffee, tea, bathroom, WiFi, heat/AC, waiting room
Route 38 Wellness Center, Nachal Refaim RBS AIndependent office in a residential buildinghourly, half days, full daysOne hour - 40 Nis Half day (up to 4 hours) - 150 nis Full day (up to 8 hours) - 300 nisShimshicall 02-999-7373conference room, wheelchair accessible
12 Mordechai Caspi Street, JerusalemPrivate ClinicHourly, Half Days, Monthly35-50 NIS/hourLeah Gniwesch02-563-1482Fridge, kettle, mugs, lovely furniture and framed original art.