Telehealth Available
Telehealth Available
Danielle Sharon Levi
Type of Therapist:
Couples and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist

Primary Degree(s):
Average Cost Per Session:
450-650 NIS
Discounts Available:
Free Consultation
  • Online Only
Telehealth Available
Telehealth Available

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Type of Therapist:

Couples and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist

Primary Degree(s):


Average Cost Per Session:

450-650 NIS



Discounts Available:

Free Consultation

  • Online Only


Hi I'm Danielle, a soulful somatic and couples therapist (MA). I am dedicated to helping women and couples deepen their relationships and embodied connection - to themselves and each other.

For the past 12 years I have trained extensively in Israel and abroad in the field of experiential, somatic and couples therapy, and I have been working in private practice since 2017. In addition, for 15+ years I have been practicing and sharing yoga, body therapy, holistic approaches to sexuality and embodied spiritual practice, all of which deeply shape my life and my work.

My approach is dynamic and unique as I integrate the best of diverse therapy models in a highly tailored way for each client.

Working with me can help you:

  • Reconnect with your body: shift out of your head to get in tune with your body and its direct guidance
  • Deepen your relationship: develop a more intimate, authentic, fulfilling connection with your partner
  • Cultivate sacred purpose in your life: tap into the wisdom and direction of your unique being and life path

Embodied, authentic connection has been a transformative force in my own life, and I am passionate about sharing it. My wish is for all my clients to embody their deep potential for connection, vitality, and sacred purpose, one grounded step at a time.

My approach is:

  • Somatic (body-oriented)
  • Emotionally-Focused
  • Integrative
  • Soulful
  • Sex positive
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Trauma and attachment informed

I am currently only seeing clients online. To learn more about what we can do in an online format and if it’s right for you, please contact me.

How I work

My approach to therapy is embodied, experiential and growth focused.

In our work together, we will engage in:

  • A personalized process to clarify your core desires for yourself and/or your relationship
  • Experiential work to rewire patterns - on a somatic, relational, cognitive and emotional level
  • Practical guidance, tools and rituals to help you take transformative new steps and integrate changes

Experiential work includes somatic awareness, mindfulness, conscious movement, touch exercises (between partners), communication practices, rituals, written assignments, readings and guided visualizations.

Our therapeutic relationship is built on safety, trust and collaboration. All our work is based in transparency and consent.


As women, we may not have learned to harness the power of our feelings, our intuitions and our body wisdom to guide our lives. So many of us were raised in cultures and families that taught us to distrust our inner knowing. Over time, we may have lost faith in our own instincts, leaving us feeling lost, not good enough or stuck in more of the same unfulfilling patterns in our lives.

Connecting with our own embodied experience in the context of a safe therapeutic relationship opens a path back to ourselves.

I offer women an affirming space to feel themselves again, to re-examine the beliefs, habits, thoughts and emotional/somatic imprints that have shaped them, to awaken their inner compass and create change through sacred somatic work.

As my clients reclaim intimacy with themselves, they reap the many gifts that such depth offers. The unknown becomes a potent gateway into new possibilities and paths. Many women grow in self compassion, trust in their inner guidance and authentic self expression.

It is inspiring for me to witness clients reclaim creative leadership of their bodies and lives, one grounded step at a time.

I welcome all women, and have lots of experience working with:

  • LGBTQ+ women
  • High sensitives, empaths and medicine women
  • Women trying to conceive
  • New mothers
  • Pregnant women
  • Women longing for a love relationship
  • Therapists/coaches/bodyworkers

Women come to me to work on the following:

  • Reconnect with Body
    • Enhance body presence and awareness of breath, holding patterns and emotions
    • Cultivate connection with your womb, menstrual cycle and sensuality
    • Infuse pleasure and playfulness into your daily life
  • Deepen Relationships
    • Bring closure to a past relationship, or navigate finding a new partner
    • Deepen existing relationship and learn to create a more secure attachment bond
    • Learn to identify and express sexual needs/desires
  • Cultivate Sacred Purpose
    • Explore your soul's life lessons, desires and gifts
    • Feel grounded in your boundaries, power and self-worth
    • Honor rites of passage in your life (pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, separation, death, endings)


Many couples who come to see me long to feel loved, accepted, seen, heard and sexually connected with their partner, but somehow end up in the same frustrating loops of fighting, misunderstanding or disconnection.

I help couples see and understand the dynamics that keep them stuck in the same loop, and guide them in rewiring the patterns of communication and interaction that don't work for them anymore. As we compassionately shine light on the pain points lying beneath the conflicts, the places that rarely get acknowledged, partners begin to see themselves and each other through more loving eyes.

With focused effort, couples begin to feel more comfortable expressing their desires/needs and reaching out in new ways that elicit responsive care from their partners. As their communication and embodied connection opens up, more intimacy and trust is generated. This establishes an affirming new cycle of nourishment and mutual affection that builds on itself and grows with time. 

I welcome couples of all ages and stages of their relationship, and have lots of experience working with:

  • LGBTQ+ couples
  • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual couples
  • New and long-term partners (and everything in between)
  • Expecting parents, new parents and blended families

Couples often come to me desiring to:

  • Communicate better and feel more connected
  • Fight with less drama and better outcomes
  • Rekindle intimacy
  • Bridge differences in sexual desire and communicate needs more openly
  • Navigate cultural/linguistic differences
  • Balance togetherness and independence
  • Adjust to new life stages (moving countries, getting married, having children)
  • Make decisions as a team
  • Rebuild trust

About Me

I am known to be warm, intuitive and able to guide others through their change process with clarity and compassion. 

I believe that our connection is critical for the success of our work (and research backs me up on this), which I why I dedicate time to checking whether we are a great match before we dive in deep. 

My Qualifications:

In 2007 I earned my BA from New York University and worked for 6 years as an advocate for human rights and educational equality (as a fundraiser, writer and director) in NYC and SF nonprofits. 

I also began studying (and later teaching) yoga, body therapy, holistic sexuality and embodied spirituality. These somatic and soulful arts deeply shaped my path. In recent years I have been particularly guided by the Sacred Rose Mysteries and the path of womb awakening.

In 2012, a personal healing crisis and a deep longing for a more balanced and authentic life led me to leave my nonprofit career (and my life in NYC) and move to San Francisco to become a therapist. 

In 2016, I earned my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. After completing my clinical practicum training in SF, I moved to Israel and opened a private practice for couples and women in Tel-Aviv and later in Pardes Hana.

As my practice quickly grew, my passion for learning and finetuning my skills led me to further studies. From 2017-2023 I pursued in-depth training and supervision in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Omnitherapy (a body-oriented approach), and Systemic Couples and Family Therapy. Each of these modalities informs my practice and my approach to creating change.

My journey has led me from Boston to NYC, San Francisco and Israel, and back and forth between them over the years.

Today I live with my husband and our two children in Israel and abroad. As a native Hebrew and English speaker, I love working with clients all over the world, particularly those who are navigating multi-cultural identities and relationships.

I am currently only seeing clients online. To learn more about what we can do in an online format and if it’s right for you, please contact me. I look forward to connecting with you to explore the possibility of working together.

Important Note

My work with women and couples is focused on enriching relationships and a sense of embodied connection. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or social worker. Unlike healthcare professionals, I do not give medical advise, diagnose mental health disorders, treat them or prescribe medications. I am not on any insurance panel and do not work under any licensure or governing body in Israel or abroad. I do not work with clients who are suffering from addiction, psychiatric conditions, suicidality or intimate partner violence as these issues are outside the scope of my practice.




Year of Graduation


California Institute of Integral Studies



California Institute of Integral Studies

Year of Graduation
Years in Practice


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Core Skills Advanced Training Certificate - ICEEFT - 2019

Emotion-Focused Therapy Training Externship - ICEEFT - 2017

Yoga Teacher - Laughing Lotus Yoga School - 2011

BA Summa Cum Laude - New York University - 2007

Completion of Theoretical Studies - Integrative Couples and Family Therapy Program - Machon Shinui - 2023

Omnitherapy Body Psychotherapy Level II Training - Omnitherapy - 2019

Massage Therapy Training - 250 Hours - McKinnon Body Therapy Center - 2024


Telephone Counseling, Online Therapy


Couples / Relationship / Marriage Counseling


Life Transitions

Sexual Issues

Spiritual Concerns




Parenting Issues / Training

Stress Management

Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD







Body-Mind PsychotherapyBody-mind psychotherapy is an integrative approach to psychological treatment that draws from both psychotherapeutic and somatic/body-based approaches. It emphasizes the interconnection between physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects of being. This approach seeks to help individuals explore how physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and beliefs influence their behavior and well-being. Through this exploration, individuals can gain insight into how the body and mind interact to create patterns of behavior, and how those patterns can be changed to promote healing and wellness.

Emotion-Focused TherapyEmotion-focused therapy (EFT) is a type of psychotherapy that is based on the idea that emotions play a key role in a person’s mental health. EFT focuses on helping people to identify, accept, and manage their emotions in a healthy and productive way. The goal of EFT is to help people identify and express their emotions, understand how those emotions impact their behavior, and learn how to manage their emotions in a way that is adaptive and healthy. EFT is a research-based approach to psychotherapy that has been found to be effective in helping people manage a variety of mental health conditions. It has been used successfully in the treatment of individuals, couples, and families, as well as with groups. EFT is particularly beneficial for people who struggle with emotional regulation, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues.

Family Systems TherapyFamily Systems Therapy is an approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes the importance of understanding how the family functions as a whole, and how individual family members interact and affect one another. It focuses on how family dynamics, such as communication patterns, roles, and power dynamics, shape behavior, and how changing these dynamics can lead to positive change. Family Systems Therapy is a collaborative approach, where the therapist works with the family as a whole to identify and address areas of conflict and distress.

Guided ImageryGuided imagery is a form of visualization used for relaxation and healing. It uses the power of the imagination to create positive changes in a person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety, cope with physical and emotional pain, increase motivation, confidence, and self-esteem, and to improve focus and concentration. During a guided imagery session, the practitioner will guide the client through a series of visualizations, using words and descriptions to help them create mental images in their mind. These visualizations can take many forms, such as a comforting place from the past or the client’s future goals.

Holistic PsychotherapyHolistic psychotherapy emphasizes the individual's interconnectedness between the individual's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects and views them as inseparable components of a single holistic system. Holistic psychotherapy focuses on understanding how these components interact and affect a person’s wellbeing. The goal of holistic psychotherapy is to create a sense of wholeness and harmony within the individual, and to foster self-awareness and self-care. Holistic practitioners use a variety of approaches, including traditional talk therapy, mindfulness practices, and body-based therapies like movement therapy. They also may incorporate nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors into treatment plans.

Relational PsychotherapyRelational psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on a person’s relationships with others and the dynamics between them. It emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist, and it explores the meaning and purpose of relationships in the client’s life. Relational psychotherapy seeks to understand how the client’s past relationships shape their current experiences and how the client interacts with others. The goal is to help the person develop healthier relationships and better communication skills so they can become more emotionally connected to others.

Systems Theory / TherapySystems therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on understanding how people's behavior is affected by their relationships with others. This form of therapy is based on the idea that the individual is embedded within a larger system, such as a family unit or work environment, and that changes to that system can cause changes in an individual's behavior. Systems therapy emphasizes the importance of understanding how these systems interact and how they can be changed to improve the individual's mental health. The therapist works to identify patterns of behavior in the system, identify areas of conflict or stress, and help the individuals develop strategies to make changes within the system that will lead to healthier outcomes.

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