KetaMind Clinic

Outpatient - Mental Illness
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KetaMind Clinic

Outpatient - Mental Illness
  • HaYetzira 5
  • Raanana
Contact: Aron Frankel


KetaMind is a recently opened mental health clinic specializing in the use of ketamine infusions for psychiatric treatment. 

Ketamine is an anesthetic sedative that was approved by the FDA in 1970 and quickly became one of the most widely used anesthetic in the world. It has the ability to anesthetize patients quickly and safely with few side effects. Unlike many other anesthetics, ketamine does not depress patients’ breathing or circulatory systems, and its safety profile is excellent.

In recent years ketamine has been found to be therapeutic in treating psychiatric illness, most prominently treatment resistant depression.  More than 50 peer-reviewed clinical trials at leading medical institutions and universities have proven the efficacy of ketamine infusion therapy for depression, and other mood disorders. There are at least an additional 70 studies about ketamine’s tremendous impact on treating mood disorders underway. Most of these studies have singled out severe, treatment-resistant cases that have not responded to most of the conventional treatment options and they still report a success rate of around 70% or higher among patients.

KetaMind’s Clinical Leadership:

·        Dr Stuart Seidman MD co-founder -  a New York based, Israeli licensed psychiatrist specializing in psychopharmacology and with extensive experience in using ketamine for psychiatric illness in the US.

·        Prof Michael J Drescher MD co-founder - a US and Israeli trained emergency physician, till recently the head of the emergency department at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikvah.  Prof Drescher has decades of experience in the use of IV ketamine for sedation and for pain.

How to qualify for Ketamine treatment at KetaMind:

At KetaMind patients are referred by their provider if they feel they have an indication for IV ketamine.  The patient then undergoes a psychiatric intake, and if ketamine appears to be indicated, an application is made by KetaMind to the Ministry of Health.  Once this is approved the patient is scheduled for a course of IV ketamine within our clinic.  The course is typically biweekly treatment starting at 0.5mg/kg over 40 minutes for 3 weeks, then weekly treatment for 3 weeks and after that as needed, which is determined by the patient's psychiatrist / psychologist/ therapist, and the KetaMind team).

In the clinic the patients are monitored during the treatment by trained staff.

We are currently accepting new patients and eager to speak with practitioners about any patient that they feel would be a good candidate or to answer any questions about KetaMind in general.  Please see our website 



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