Metiv - The Israel Psychotrauma Center

Outpatient - Trauma, Grief
  • Hasadna 4
  • Jerusalem

Metiv - The Israel Psychotrauma Center

Outpatient - Trauma, Grief
  • Hasadna 4
  • Jerusalem
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Metiv's vision is an Israeli society that gives voice to, cares and empowers those affected by psychological trauma. Our center provides clinical and other interventions that heal and empower those exposed to traumatic life experiences. Through integrated treatment and recovery programs, we help survivors process their traumatic experiences, to strengthen their coping mechanisms, to resume daily functioning, and to improve their general quality of life.

METIV uses evidence-based research to inform our treatments. Some contact METIV immediately after a traumatic event, while others contact us many years later. Yet most of our patients are in a severe ongoing crisis that has impaired their daily functioning and their coping abilities. Our treatment is designed to give patients the tools they need to cope so that they can complete their course of therapy as quickly as possible and lead productive lives. METIV uses evidence-based research developed by our research unit to make a difference with the patients we serve.

Metiv Children:

Metiv’s Children’s Emotion Regulation Clinic (CERC) enhances resilience and emotion regulation for traumatized and at risk children and parents. Exposure to multiple acts of political violence such as war and terrorism, along with the stresses of daily life in Israel, have proven adverse effects on children including impaired emotion regulation, leading to post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTS), impaired development and behavioral problems. CERC promotes a unique approach based on Metiv’s research showing that development of emotion regulation plays a key role in prevention of psychopathology resulting from traumatic events and stress. CERC focuses on children due to the understanding that developing skills in emotion regulation plays a key role in the prevention of psychopathology resulting from traumatic events. Exposure to trauma at a young age can drastically disrupt a child’s capacity in three domains of self-regulation that are crucial for healthy functioning: sensory regulation, emotion regulation, and executive functioning. Metiv research has found that a crucial factor in the development of young children is their parents’ sense of competence and ability to self-regulate during and after emergency. Stability and resilience in parents and caregivers helps in preventing psychopathology in children exposed to trauma. This knowledge, which we published in scientific articles and two books, forms the basis of the CERC model which incorporates the NAMAL program for mothers of toddlers and young children ages 2-4, and the PANDA program for children aged 7-12, both of which are structured evidence based programs with a specific protocol.




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